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Who we are

Xpert-Pro is an IP consultancy services firm which focuses on assisting clients to protect, strengthen, build and grow their businesses by managing and utilizing the intellectual property system better. The firm is established by a group of IP professionals and business leaders with an average experience of around a decade. We bring deep functional expertise and technical knowledge to provide innovative solutions to our client’s problems. We aim to bring different people, skills and tools together to collaborate, co-create and come up with incredible thoughts- thoughts that will help our customers to achieve excellence in their business goals within a given time period. Our group of experts has a perfect blend of technical experts, operations leader and off-shoring professionals who are skilled and trained by various European and US law firms and IP Consultancy power houses to handle any challenge which the IP ecosphere throws at them. We ensure that the entire organization works successfully to deliver the objectives of the company.

Vision and Mission

Xpert-Pro is dedicated to create state of the art best practices and solutions for cost management of IP services. We provide customized solutions to Corporates, Law Firms and Individual Inventors to maximize efficiency and financial transparency throughout the Patent Life cycle. We provide complete transparency into the cost management of IP law firms and international agents and have a variety of solutions to cut through waste and eliminate unnecessary cost.


Our culture to count clients as our partners in growth is material to our commitment for excellence and deliver highest standard of quality. Our sole goal is the same as yours - to provide transparency into the patent life cycle and effective cost management. Neither we are a simple discount service nor does agent referral network, neither we exist to steer our clients to a translation company or to any law firm. We are completely unbiased and take significant steps to provide the best service at a highly attractive proposition.


Patent Filing

You need to be fast and diligent after the completion of Patent drafting process so that the application is filed in time with the required authorities. The sooner you file your patent application, the faster it will start making you money. Filing your patent with the proper international or local authorities and providing consultation on the best filing strategy matching your business strategy is our specialty. No matter if you need fast protection, cost-efficient protection or bulk filing, we have the proper solution for you.

It helps to have an experienced partner when dealing with administrative authorities and Xpert-Pro combines local expertise with global coverage to deal with such situations. In combination with our comprehensive service offering, we are your “global” partner of choice for all eventualities. To cater to the need of our customers and to streamline the process we have created customized programs for our clients.

  1. a) Global Program

    Filing at large number of jurisdiction alone is not the solution but filing at all major jurisdiction of existing and potential use is equally important and vital for achievement of idea owner’s not just immediate but futuristic objectives. A good idea, well nurtured into a profitable business and protected at few jurisdictions is a bad idea and would leave gaps to attract infringement without liability. A large number of options are available for filing in multiple jurisdiction including PCT and Convention route, however, which route to choose, what about the countries which are not signatory to PCT or Convention routes, is it really required to file at all the countries or merely covering the major jurisdictions will suffice and henceforth. Think and Re-think.

    We at Xpert-Pro, have developed a “GLOBAL PROGRAM” wherein we advise our clients to not just file your application in the immediate markets but also at countries which have high potential for your invention. We advise on the whole scope of filing the patent application worldwide. The handling of your national and regional phase entry will be supervised by a dedicated patent attorney, who also acts as a single point of contact between you and the local agents and patent offices. This reduces your administrative workload substantially, as we collect and consolidate all correspondence and allows for incorporating all your requests.

  2. b) PCT International Phase, PCT National Phase and Convention Application:
  3. With the increasing speed of globalization, it is essential to protect your company’s IP assets in a number of regions. The Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) enables you to obtain patents in multiple jurisdictions through a streamlined process. With our network of international agents, Xpert-Pro can attend to the filing of your applications in virtually any jurisdiction. Even the administrative process of filing a patent application follows strict quality guidelines, no matter how many patents you need to file, we will make sure that they are all filed at the right time with proper adherence to quality.

    The Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) enables any inventor and/or applicant seeking patent protection to gain time and increase the chance of obtaining patents in multiple jurisdictions simultaneously through a streamlined filing procedure. The PCT system enables to extend a right of priority, if any, for up to 30 or 31 months (or more) and enter the national/regional phases of a PCT application in well over 150 jurisdictions.

    We adapt our standard processes to your specific needs and filing strategy and provide customized service and cost for the jurisdictions you are interested in, which will form the basis of your subsequent orders.

    We at Xpert-Pro, would first understand the business requirement, the nature of invention, shelf life of the product amongst numerous other concerns we raise while chalking out a filing strategy for you. Utility models form a part of such strategy.

Services - Patent Drafting and Procecution

Patent Drafting & Prosecution

  1. a) Patent Drafting

    The most important aspect in earning a patent grant is the way a patent application is drafted, inventors should never take this step lightly. Our team of patent attorneys can provide you with a high quality draft of your patent application at an attractive price.

    Outsourcing to a professional firm will make the difference between a valuable patent and a completely useless one.

    The main advantage of getting your patent drafted by Xpert-Pro is the fact that each jurisdiction comes with a different drafting style and our joint global expertise to draft the best patent applications is suitable for major jurisdictions. Along with our network of international agents the drafts are always reviewed by a local attorney before filing with the local patent office. Before filing a patent application, Xpert-Pro will check for the important factors such as novelty or obviousness.

  2. b) Patent Prosecution
  3. Xpert-Pro advises you to think holistic from the start. We accompany your new IP right through its entire lifecycle. Through our global coverage and our comprehensive service offering, we are your global one stop shop. Oral proceedings, examiner interviews and written responses to office actions are all part of our daily routine. Our streamlined process avoids duplication of prosecution work among internationally cooperating representatives.

    The main advantage of getting Xpert-Pro by your side is the fact that in a race against time and competitors, our Patent Prosecution service will help you to successfully overcome the hurdles of managing administrative requirements and substantive office actions with the respective patent office. Our patent attorneys will help in developing a successful patent protection strategy, which will perfectly fit into your filing strategy. When used together with Patent Drafting and Patent Filing, your patent application is bound to run into as little trouble as possible.

    In other words, using Xpert-Pro from the very beginning will ensure greater consistency over the whole patent life cycle. Our professional patent drafting is of the highest quality on the market, and combined with the possibility to file patents in bulk, we will make the initial process run smoothly and in a timely matter. If the case arises where the patent must be defended, our global team of experienced patent attorneys is at your side.

    We adapt our standard processes to your specific needs and filing strategy and provide customized service and cost for the jurisdictions you are interested in, which will form the basis of your subsequent orders.

    We at Xpert-Pro, would first understand the business requirement, the nature of invention, shelf life of the product amongst numerous other concerns we raise while chalking out a filing strategy for you. Utility models form a part of such strategy.

Services - Patent Renewal and European Patent Validation

Patent Renewal and European Patent Validation

Leverage a high level of secure and efficient process of global annuity payment by entrusting the administration of your global annuity portfolio to Xpert-Pro.

We know that the best solution is the one that fits your organization’s requirements. Free your team from the organizational burden of handling patent annuity payments. By getting Xpert-Pro by your side, your organization gains access to our global reach, outstanding economies of scale, preferential rates, optimized workflows and the full bandwidth of support that only a full-service provider can offer. Entrust this complex but extremely important task to us and your IP rights are in safe hands.

Never worry about your patent annuity payments again! Besides, make use of the large number of other service offerings around your portfolio.

Services - Illustration Services

Illustration Services

Patent illustrations or Patent drawings are the most important part of Patents Application. It helps to understand structural view and functional behavior of the invention and enhance its readability and understanding. Patent illustrations plays an important role in Design patent and Utility patent.

Patent illustration service offered by Xpert-Pro is utilize by a wide groups of clients who are preparing to secure their intellectual property by filing utility and design patent applications in USPTO and EPO among other jurisdiction.

Your patent application needs accurate, high quality patent drawings to get your patent granted throughout the world. Our well versed illustration team provides a complete solution related to patent illustrations. Our patent illustrators have an in-depth knowledge of formal requirements of patent drawings set forth by major patent offices. Our illustration team uses tools like Auto- CAD, 2D and 3D tools and, Microsoft Visio etc. Our team of illustrators is not only experts in computer aided these tools, But also having a great artistic mind by which they can offer a realistic drawings. By following the formal requirements and also making it detailed and finesse that understanding a patent drawings is comparatively easy.

We prepare2D and 3D drawings with isometric and perspective view, and also many other drawings like Mechanical drawings, surgical and medical equipment drawings, system diagram, flow diagram, electric circuit diagram, trademark drawings and many others as per clients requirement.

Our clients generally provide, rough handmade sketches, Photographs or description related to drawings, and then our illustrators paid high efforts for makings drawings accordingly within the proposed time interval. And help you to get your patent easily.

Services - Docketing Services

Docketing Services

Patent docketing is an essential part of any patent application. Through this the process of patent application can be managed by any individual very easily. The paperwork generated during the patent application process is one of the highest in all Intellectual Property-related processes. Going through patent prosecution, dealing with deadlines, documents, forms and statements adds up to a very complex and cumbersome process. Every patent application has due dates and missing any deadline may cause rejection of the application. Some of the missed dates are redeemable but some are not. It is also difficult to maintain the proper record of the documents, label each document with its appropriate file name and to placing it in a correct file. Thus, this process involves entering each document into the database so that the attorney can easily locate all documents in the file and view each deadline associated with patent filing process. If not done properly, the cost is patent application rejection. Xpert-Pro docketing service is the best way to ensure the positive outcome of your patent application.

So we are here with our high quality service of patent docketing. In which we manage and control your all task related to patent docketing.

Services - Patent Proofreading Services

Patent Proofreading Services

Patent proofreading is a great milestone in the process of patent grant and sometimes ignorance of insignificant error can also become a major factor. Furthermore, irrespective of whether the error was committed by the PTO or the applicant, the onus to correct the same falls upon the applicants. Therefore proofreading is the essentially part of prosecution stage.

The errors in the priority information might lead to serious outcome, which may even result in rejection of a patent. A significant percentage of issued patent have errors which had occurred during the drafting or prosecution stage. Some errors such as missing antecedent references, incorrect status indicators, and inconsistent numbering of claims, incorrect names of inventors, attorneys or assignees, spelling mistakes, or any preliminary amendments during the prosecution stage. These errors limit the scope of a patent. It is crucial to proofread patent applications to identify discrepancies in the patent. Patent proofreading involves complete examination of patent and patent applications.

The Patent proofreading process involves technical and legal understanding of the patent application. At Xpert-Pro our team goes through the whole document and performs a detailed analysis of the prosecution history of the patent document to locate errors that are made either by the applicant or patent office. We also prepare ready to file correction request (certificate of correction in USPTO) that can be filed with the PTOs, thus saving your time and costs.

Our team with the use of latest technology provides you the industry’s most comprehensive proofreading service. We use automation to access the patent’s file wrapper and use an OCR engine to recognize the text. Claims are constructed on a claim-by-claim basis. Our well versed in-house team use different software for the comparison of Issued and assembled patent.

They also examine inconsistency, duplicity and grammatical errors in specification and claims. Drawing is the major part of any patent, so our team verifies all drawings from Issued patent and assembled patent.

Services - IP Operations Support Services

IP Operations Support Services

  1. a) Invoice Management

    Filing at large number of jurisdiction alone is not the solution but handling invoices from different associate will always be a major headache for applicants. Xpert-Pro as one stop solution for foreign filing associate can help in smoothening the process of Invoice management wherein you will have to pay at one single counter and the payment will be made on your behalf at all the different jurisdictions. In other words you will have to handle just one single Invoice generated by Xpert-pro and all other Invoices will be dealt by us. The handling of your national and regional phase entry will be supervised by a dedicated patent attorney, who also acts as a single point of contact between you and the local agents and patent offices. This reduces your administrative workload substantially, as we collect and consolidate all correspondence and allows for incorporating all your requests.

  2. b) Recordal Management

    If there is a change in ownership or in the name of a company, and there is a requirement of its recordation with the local Intellectual Property Office, the task is complex and requires knowhow of local requirements.

    IP rights are assets and subject to being sold or bought. If a change in ownership has not been recorded promptly or not recorded at all then a misconception might arise as to the identity of the actual owner which might lead to a possible loss of rights. The new owner may not be able to defend his application, prosecute copyright infringements, file oppositions, conduct renewals or annuity payments or file new IP rights. If you want to be on the safe side and reduce your costs in the process of assignment work the legal experts of Xpert-Pro are here to help. Our streamlined workflows and expert know how guarantees maximum workflow efficiency and keeps our clients constantly informed throughout the entire procedure. We are always ready with prepared powers of attorney and declarations when such measures are required.

    Xpert-Pro has developed a notably reliable and easy procedure to undertake IP recordals with utmost diligence. This service is even more efficient if you have already outsourced other administration service to us.

  3. c) Working Statement For Granted Patent

    When entrusting Xpert-Pro with the filing and prosecution of your Indian patent applications, a dedicated patent attorney will be your single point of contact, even after it has been granted. Remember that even after the patent has been granted, you need to file a so-called 'working statement' on a yearly basis.

    Under the Indian Patent law, you are required to file a yearly statement on the extent to which your patented invention has been worked on a commercial scale in India. If non-worked, reasonable arguments why and suggestions as to how the patent will be worked need to be furnished with the patent office.

    A false working statement can lead to imprisonment for up to six months or a fine of INR 10, 00,000. Therefore, our specialists give careful attention to details when handling the documents you provide. Let us handle all the Intellectual Property rights issues while you focus on your core business while developing the proper entry strategy. We also attend to the filing of Working Statements for patents originally drafted and prosecuted through other sources.

  4. d) Process Re-Engineering

    IP department is the core team that puts your IP strategy on the road map. The better it’s organized and processes are aligned and streamlined, the more you will get out of IP portfolio and consequently out of your IP department.

    Xpert-Pro helps you to optimize the processes you undertake to manage your IP through our combination of experienced management consultants and dedicated IP experts. Our team have immense industry experience of corporate and law firms and shall be happy to guide you with your requirements.

  5. e) IDS Management Services

    An Information Disclosure Statement (IDS) is essential to ensure patent validity and enforceability. It is a document submitted at USPTO, in which the applicant must disclose prior art, or information that pertains to the patentability of the application.

    Xpert-Pro helps in preparing IDS for US patent application filers and adheres to the processes and timelines defined by the patent office. We frequently prepare these documents for our clients as part of the patent application and prosecution processes. Our team prepares IDS duly filled with all the relevant details that are ready to be submitted to the USPTO. During the IDS preparation, our in-house experts also analyze previous related patent of the same. Our team has expertise in assisting you in locating the entire prior art references in very less time with high accuracy.

    We will help you to disclose other patents domestic and foreign publications, and any other documentation that could impact the patentability of your application. Our paralegal experts deliver a quality output with high reliability within proposed time.

    Our law firm will work closely with you and work attentively to present all the relevant information to the USPTO in a minimal time.

  6. f) US Application Preparation

    We have experienced team of patent agents, lawyers, and paralegals who have an in-depth knowledge in US Patent Application Preparation and adhere to the timelines defined by the USPTO.

    Xpert-Pro keeps you away from all the troubles of filing an appropriate pre-formatted forms as per USPTO. We assist you in preparing correct filing forms for filing USPTO patents, National phase of PCT applications and obtaining foreign filing licenses (FFL), Certified priority documents, following up with inventors for signatures on Assignment and Declaration, entity status forms, preparation of ADS, IDS etc. All of these along with coordinating with inventors, in-house attorneys and law firms are completely done by our team of experts.

  7. h) Data Verification

    Your IP rights are imperceptible assets for you. So, make absolutely sure that the data used to manage them is accurate. Obtaining expert’s help that combine’s electronic data processing with human understanding is a significant gain.

    Keeping track of a huge database is not an easy job. When certain information is required to make a hard decision, such as a Merger and Acquisition, proof of use for renewals or to protection IP in general - Data Verification is a very important task. Xpert-Pro - Data Verification service is the answer for your all needs for a reliable and accurate data which you can use for your decision-making.

Rewards & Recognition

Rewards & Recognition

Xpert-Pro brings a professional corporate experience to the industry with innovative and profitable solutions to all aspects of rewards & recognition.

We deliver the exceptional, high quality awards and wall of fame, displaying companies and their employees who are proud to receive, display and pass them down for generations. Our unique line of stock and custom awards include the cutting-edge and innovative as well as beautiful awards infused in traditional beauty, all created with state-of-the-art technology.

With our talented professional team and inspiring award designs and display solutions, we take rewards & recognitions to a new level, initially resulting in refreshed enthusiasm among employees for their work which in the long run will certainly provide benefits to the company as well. We take pride in our efficient and reliable services.

At Xpert-Pro, we believe in providing our individualized customer service through each step in our award or display creation process, with your satisfaction guaranteed.

Headquartered in New Delhi, Xpert-Pro is a hub for clients from coast-to-coast and across the world. Our award plaques are individually crafted to specifications. Each award is created keeping the individual recipient in mind so that when the gift box is opened, then appreciation for the employee work is obvious. They know that the company they work values their work. The gift box, the passion card insert and the packaging all receive the same attention to detail as the award itself. The gift box labels themselves have not been forgotten and can be formatted to assist with award presentation and distribution if you just let us know what you need.

Xpert-Pro desk awards will be displayed with pride for years to come. They are crafted from the finest materials. They are designed to be handled and admired, arranged and rearranged. Our desk awards convey the deep appreciation for the work of the employees.

Our designers design, create and present one-of-a-kind awards that reflect the unique contributions of your most prolific employee/companies and highly valued contributors. We design awards that reflect your company, its values and its culture using time-proven and leading edge materials and processes. Contact us for any and all of your custom award design needs.

At our core, Xpert-Pro is a company that cares about people. What really drives every interaction, every design and every choice are people.

How can we help you?

To discuss how our team can help your business achieve maximum results please contact us on sales@xpert-pro.com


Our learning and development experts understand your business goals and needs, and care about finding the answer that’s right for you. Our instructional designers and artists deliver creative and innovative solutions across multiple mediums that make you rethink the process of training. Whether in the smallest detail or the overall design, you see how much thought and care we put behind each project. We love what we do, and you can see that in the results. Our experts solve business problems with unique creative custom learning solutions. We bring creativity into instructional design. We change behaviors and influence choices. We build better training.

How is our training different?

We offer unique training by blended solutions, we offer multiple training settings. Some things are just better learned in a classroom, others are not. Some things work best as a game, others don’t. We analyses what you need to communicate and what your goals are to provide a blended solution in a custom integration. Your blend will be different from every other solution because your needs, your goals and your learners are unique. It’s a custom creation to get the best results.

When considering types of training, you need to consider what story you’re telling, what your needs are, and what results you want. Let us help you find the right type of training method to reach your goals.

How can we help you?

To discuss how our team can help your business achieve maximum results please contact us on sales@xpert-pro.com

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